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Poemz [09 Jul 2010|04:39pm]
Here are a few poems that I, wrote last year in the first semester.
Tell me what you think of them! Good and bad! what do you get from them, meaning wise? emotional wise? Can you see what I'm saying?
Also, as a side note, I tend to write poems as if they are excerpts from fictional stories, only in poem-form, if that makes any sense. But many are also just poems dug up and made from nothing (except possibly a phrase, or word that then sparked the rest).
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A short story from last semester. [04 Jul 2010|01:42am]
Let me know what you think! (sorry for the shitty format.)
'Til Death
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Finally realized I fucked up on the lj-cut. But it's fixed now sooo....READ IT!!! please.

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POINT OF VIEW OF FIRE! [02 Feb 2009|01:40am]
Tell me what you think! everything that you think.

I can already taste your flesh
So supple and fresh
On the bone I feel it

Click-Clack Flicker
Crick-Crack Snicker
I burn fast but you melt

Look at all these people who came to see
They must have known
I've been so maliciously
And all too

The look on your face
So Priceless
Desperation in your voice
So Helpless
I want to be
Everything you are
It may sound greedy
But is not everyone a little

This one's like all the others
Where difference is a
Death Sentence
No one ever wants to
None have ever
I can't help the way
I am
Vision jagged and
All mixed about
Speech, it fades
In and out
Tell me
How would you be?

My tips they tickle at your jaw bone
As it begins to
Open your mouth and breathe me in
I'll fill you with my
As I watch your lips melt
Drip and boil between your teeth
As they wiggle and drop
I liquify your gums
And make a pool out of your tongue

The wind, my friend
Carries me to your head
Scalp sizzling
I wonder what
You're thinking
Are you hoping this is all
A Dream?

Oh please, don't scream
Or even think about asking for
This is all your
It was your kind who created

Can you taste
Can you see
Are you
The Irony?


little poems. [30 Jan 2008|12:33pm]
[ mood | blank ]

these are some old ones i found.
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that's THE END
I know some of these were on here before, but i didn't know that until i posted this. i fixed it, don't worry about it.
tell me what you think?


[20 Apr 2007|02:03am]
OMFG NEW STUFF. lol it's stupid though, or at least i think so. but you deside. FEEDBACKPLZ!!!!!!!!!~&~*~*~*~

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[27 Dec 2006|12:34pm]
finally, something new:

I want to show you a place
Where beauty and sun meet
Tall grass grows to your knees
Wind tickles away all worries
And when your hands fall to your pockets
The lining of your coat will hug you tightly
I want to take you to a place
Where time waits for you
So you can do all you want to
Just lay down in the field
Take your time watching the grass sway
As the winds play
Soft and green
I'll show you a house upon a hill
That you could live in
With a fireplace of stone
To keep you warm
I'll invite over your favorites
I want to bring you with me
Catch up and make up
On lost and never made memory
Obviously, unfortunatly
This message is too soft
Mumbed and cut off
I want to bring you to a place
Lined with love and lace
Fun and space
Where nothing is crappy
Where you're ever happy

I didn't feel like making it secretive anymore, thought I'd put myself out on a limb. push me off if you feel the need.

[22 Jan 2006|01:20am]
Do you remember the smoke that stuck to the unpainted walls
Do you remember when those walls were painted blue
Everything turned into
A drama television show on after eight
with a failing plot and low audience rate
Tempers rose and then they fell
Although you could hardly tell
Things were unsteady
But summer was open and ready
We forgot about the tension
Summer vacation is just a 3 month suspension
I remember when we became daring
Running out at 2 in the morning
In the dark lets use these things we bought
We have yet to get caught
How about the runs to get sugar & ice
The burrito in the microwave dripping rice
The forty-five minute bike ride
Pit into the bushes if you want to hide
Lets go inhale the steam of the train tracks
Never mind the sun beating down on our backs
Running on the railroad wood
Singing songs as best we could
Those sunny days were ours
I could spend forever with you, but we only have hours
In the summer time there is no time for cowards
It’s true what they say, you don’t miss it until afterwards
I remember when I found a new reason for my love of green
You had the brightest eyes I have ever seen
The air tinged cold
Everything had yet to get old
So lets go to the bridge and toss in one more cone
In August you’ll be left alone
Things are starting to fall apart
The sky is filled with sunrise art
She’ll be awake soon, there’s no telling what she’ll ban
Lets run home as fast as we can
It’s five in the morning and we’re sneaking in
Oh, what a wonderful summer sin
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[19 Jan 2006|04:49pm]
so my writing has died lately.

I wrote this for creative writing, its from three songs, i changed around the words/lines and added some: You, Punch-Drunk Lovesong Sing-along }Radiohead, Nothing Brings Me Down -Emilina Torrini.

I wrapped you up in my coat
When they came to fire on us
But i didn't feel pain
Because now that I am held up in your smile
No one can touch me

You are my sun, moon & stars
I can't ever run away from you
You are all that circles my head
Those thoughts that you consume

I can't be sad today
I'm home alone & happy
Nothing brings me down
I can be stumbling and unsteady
But nothing will bring me down
The rains are done
What's left runs down my roof
There isn't a thing to bring me back down

When once the night my thoughts rush
music for thoughts, I had time to kill
Now the night is lush
And the air is still
Nothing brings me down

The window is open
Its letting the flies in
Stale air drains out
Nothing left with me but a grin.

and it still sucks.
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[27 Sep 2005|11:21pm]
Theres this sappy love song
I dedicate it to you
The words are like all the others
You can guess what it says
discribes my feelings well
but a part it doesn't tell
is I don't miss you
Like lovers do
But as a friend would miss you
There is this sad love song
& I dedicate it to you
You know what it says
Now what do we do?
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[13 Sep 2005|10:22pm]
she is boring and fake
bland and uneventful
she's a chameleon of personalities
with no permanent qualities

[21 Aug 2005|04:14am]

S a l t e d  T e a r s
& P e p p e r e d  P a i n
P u t  o n  a  P l a t t e r  w i t h  S o m e
P o u r i n g  R a i n .



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[12 Aug 2005|11:38pm]

Life's like an hourglass
Glued to the table

lets turn the tables
Rewind to the good times
lay it on it's side
And stay there a while


[18 Jul 2005|12:53am]
A simple forest, with no particular purpose. Through the thick trunks of its many trees, a frail and simple outline drifted in a gentle and constant walk. The shadow of a dress, or perhaps a cloak waved behind it with the gentle wind of the figures walk, and the breeze that the air contained that night. Silhouetted were all the objects of the forest, and rhythmic was the crunch of feet upon dry dead leaves. A moon, almost a full sphere, hung low in the sky, its silver beams stretching through the branches of towering tree's. Behind the trotting figure and their echoing footsteps came another echo of dry leaves being crushed beneath the souls of sneakers. The second figure that came trotting behind the first, was taller in height, but equal in frame to the body proceeding them. The first nightwalker's head turned as the second one approached closer, their hair wavering in the breeze of their trot covered the outline of their face, with a more curved figure, the first a girl; as the second had a more thick frame, and not the same curves in their frame, the second a boy. A short and thin arm and hand stretched out from the silhouette, and it was met by a muscular and longer hand and arm. Both shadows now were now connected by an arm line. Their pace quickened as their footsteps echoed against each other until both had merged to create the same steady rhythm on the soil made up of twigs and fallen leaves. As the forest unveiled a hilly field the shadows began to slow their pace as they reached the top of the first hill. Both bodies were blacked out, and outlined brightly by the moon's shining silver glow. The shadows stood beside each other with the fingers of their hands intertwined together, the outline of their heads turned to profiles as their heads bent in to look at one another. Standing there with the wind tousling their hair along with their clothes, no words were exchanged, only a single lengthy stare. Flashing yellow dots joined their presence, flying close to them the fireflies continued their pattern of yellow lights. Lighting up their cheeks, gently curved into smiles. As the nightly sounds rang in their ears, they were soon joined with the soft brush of feet upon dew covered grass. The boy silhouette now leading the way as the other once had, they continued forward into the moonlight, then down towards the next hill on the field of soft ankle high grass..adventuring far into the scenery, brightly wound with the glitter of their eyes in the silver and blinking yellow.
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[02 May 2005|11:49pm]
Its all so beautiful now
With sunsets and dew speckled roses
A haze in the air that no one minds
A breeze filled with lyrical lines
Tranquil settings
Not a care, no gambles or bettings
Sun rays shimmering in the air
This is life without a care
You could do whatever you dare
But everyone would rather just stare
Into the eyes of the sunset
Of the sunrise
This is far from paridise
We call this love
But love has its cares, and rolls of the dice
This is what we call purity
Paridise's window, you see.

[27 Apr 2005|08:51pm]



I might as well have drawn your face on the inside of my eyelids.}




[25 Apr 2005|10:23pm]


{Everyone has their own little forever
Every couple does..We'll be together forever they say
And just like the universal forever, their own little forever will one day end
I can't imagine the end of our forever
But I do know, that today our little forever
Just lost a month
One down
The rest of our forever left to go.}




[13 Apr 2005|10:51pm]
A gentle creek echoed through the silent, evening air as a swing swung back and forth on its chains. An evening shade of blue covered the wood of the forest encircling the swingset, of which the swings swung back and forth in opposite unisine. Rusty chains squeeked in the fog of the sundown. Not a visible soul was there to disturb it..the air poluted only by the trees, grass, and the updrift from the town far beyond the wood in which the solitary swingset stood upon its rusty metal poles. In all of its oldfashion structure it seemed it would fall within months, patches of silver poked through the vines that weaved themselves about the poles, as well as the rust from the rainy days. In all of the tranquility images flashed before the trees of the forest..sillhouettes of running figures, within the seats of the swings flickered the shadows of children..Echoed giggling and small talking seemed to stain the gusts of gentle night breeze that vented through the trunks, and leaves of the trees. Carrying the sound to the boundry of the surrounding trees, where it fell into the bark and dissapeared. Soon all the once flickering, and semi-transparent sillhouettes were all in a solid black that stuck out against the blue of the night. But a heavy crunch of leaves sent them to flicker against the deepening blue. The silver of the swingset now shimmered brightly in patches between the rust and vines, illuminated by the brightening moonlight. A more solid figure could be see bewteen the trunks of the trees. All the sillouettes froze in their unseen tracks as the figure approached until it emerged from the black shadow of the forest. As the figure became exposed in the light of the moon and stepped out onto the ankle high, and dewy grass of the clearing in the blink of an eye the sillouettes were gone, so quick they stayed unnoticed to the oblivious figure that now took gentle strides with long legs towards the swingset. Sitting themselves down onto one of the swings gently, as not to break it, they looked about with dark eyes. Staring forward they began to slip into the tranquility of the clearing, unaware of the sillouettes that remained invisible..they are the forgotten, and the unseen. The past that we remember, or that we forget, not even one that dwells in the past can discover them..they must become a piece of the past themselves, and be existant in only a memory.
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RANDOM. yay. [28 Mar 2005|10:57am]
A pistol gun to my temple
But not for long
Duck my head as the trigger is pulled on
Bullet skids across, leaving a bald spot on my head
But at least I'm not dead

I don't even like it. [18 Mar 2005|11:08pm]
I want to, turn up that stereo
With the soft music playing loud
Let the tears roll from my eyes.
I'm not even sad.
Don't ask me what's wrong.
My hope isn't gone.
Everyone needs one good cry
Even if they haven't a reason why
But a sad song is always an excuse
No one ever asks why.
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[06 Mar 2005|02:26am]
If you never let anything happen
Cuddle up inside against yourself
And you're thoughts to keep you company
nothing will ever happen to you
You have to go through the work
To get the product
Go through the darkness to see the light
Work to take the breathe, to live
The good will seem better
Once compaired to the bad
When it all comes down to it
It's all what you made of this
Walking backwards won't take you back
Carry your memories and past in that backpack
Behind you the past remains
A burden it will be, but behind you it will stay
Make of life what you can, we don't have long anyway.
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